They sold my worn suitcase

This morning I wake up. No, not at 6 for the run, at 7. I open the windows and in comes the cold in force. Looks like winter is up in Antalya.

So later I decide to go to the second floor where they store suitcases for students. The room is locked, I check around. No sign of the lady in charge. Then am told to wait. So I wait.And wait.And wait…

It’s ten minutes. With each minute I am getting angry, am sure at 12 I will be speaking to myself then at 15 I will bang my head on the wall. Okay, I overstate but I am pretty pissed. I head back to my room.

An hour later am back. It’s locked! But she’s nearby,I call her. She comes, smiles at me, endears me in that Turkish way of ‘canim’ and leads me in. I should have known something is amiss right then! This lady has never smiled at me and I have been here an year.

So I tell her I need to take winter clothes from my suitcase, give her my card and go right where I left it at the beginning of Summer. I look around, no suitcase! For a second I am back in KE, in my old Uni where they stole my two brand new pair of pants! Damn! That was tough, especially since I had to save for them for a long time.

Anyway.My suitcase isn’t here. I tell her. She says let’s look everywhere. We look! We look! We look! Nothing!

I stop, look her in the eye and ask her where my suitcase is. She says it must be here somewhere. I tell her I have to rush to class, she says she’ll look for it. I say I’ll be back tomorrow morning. She says she’ll have found it. I walk out thinking they sold my suitcase, my coats must be somewhere in the pazar-market- as we speak.That doesn’t scare me as the possibility of losing  my Maasai Shuka, my Maasai Shuka! It represents KE- my country, my home, my roots.

That suitcase better be there in the morning.



Today I woke up in the rain but that wasn’t going to stop me,at least not today. I needed to post these documents so I hit the road.

I get to the Uni’s print and photocopy place and it’s closed. My luck! I then decide to wait a few minutes for this guy. He doesn’t show,I decide to try get my documents printed outta Uni. So I step into the rain,well compared to the normal Antalya rain this is but a drizzle.

Luckily the place is open. I get in and find this guy in a ponytail held back, a shirt, a pair of shorts and boots. Yes I noticed all this because I stopped to look at him as he was doing my documents. This isn’t the reason ‘printman’  makes the blog though. It’s because he was extremely kind to me. The guy in Uni knows too well to ignore you and to talk about you while standing there. I assume he still thinks my Turkish sucks; well he’s mostly right but I get him alright!

‘Printman’. He was so patient with me, asking to make sure everything was done to my liking. He even offered me a paperbag for my documents seeing that it was raining. And no he didn’t ask me ‘wearrryufrom?’ For a moment I felt like I was back in KE, a human among humans.

I wished him well, gave him my best smile and walked out with a spring to the post office to post my documents. Confident that these documents carry with them the goodness of ‘printman’ and they’ll gift me a surprise soon.

Be kind to a stranger today kind souls.


My friend has been ill this past week so I went over to check on her and made her dinner. Thing is I have been away from the kitchen for a long while. I made some macaroni and surprising it all went well.
My friend enjoyed the meal and said it was awesome,I smiled warmly hoping she wasn’t being kind. My other friends, The 14th and FirstBorn, couldn’t believe it and so I had to send them pictures. Not that they changed their opinion.
I am just happy time have made my sick friend some dinner and excited at getting back to the kitchen and working some magic just like old good days.


dinner is served.

Am I who I am by choice?

Ne haber!

That’s Turkish for ‘Wassup!’

Am I who I am by choice? Or even more importantly, who am I? Who are we? Do we define ourselves by what others say we are, do we define ourselves by what we tell ourselves we are or do we do it based on what we value and what we would like to be? Now, this is a discussion for another day.

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the differences that define us and the concepts that make us who we are. I must say I am liking the person I am becoming, it’s been a long journey. A look back at my past is met by the distinctive yet shy look of a young girl who’s building her life on the principle of ‘good-bad’. And now this me, a girl on her feet. What if I wasn’t me?

It is common for us to look at the world around us, make judgments and presumptions from our experiences, our truths, our hurts, our joys…our. But is this ‘our’ really ours? Say I wasn’t born in rural KE but into another family in another place like Lower Slovenia or Outer Mongolia. Then would I be me,this me now, or another me. Would I care for the things I do now?Would I be an activist? Would I love books? Would I love writing? Would I be an introvert? Would I love coffee? Would I prefer it white, no sugar? Would I be a foodie? Would I still be crazy? I could go on.

What I am trying to ask myself is whether the experiences that have formed the person I am now accords me the moral authority to question with some subtle disdain the other people who are different from me in terms of things I consider negatives. Because you see, I could have been them and them me.

But we can’t choose where to get born nor can we choose anything at that genesis of life. Everything gets decided for us in that regard and if we don’t learn to make our own choices after that then we will just be.

Later then,


The things I tell myself

These last few days have been filled with a lot of learning. I am re-learning and learning new stuff. The most important thing that I have learnt is the power of the word of mouth. I know you must be thinking ‘self help!’ Relax. Far from it.

Words are important and play a very big part in who we are because you see they are only but a realization of what is in our minds. I am not one to be bothered by what others might say to me depending on what they are saying but what I say to myself is a whole different story.

I have learnt to say things to myself. Well, might sound crazy but yes I say stuff out loud to myself. Stuff like I am talented, I am happy, I am favoured, I l will be an awesome creator of works of art, I will live positively through the day, I can do this, I will do this, I am doing it…The thing is when I say these things to myself over and over again, they stick to my mind and I believe them and work purposely to make them happen.

Of course sometimes, like now, I tell myself to stop doing too much coffee but before I know it I am getting another cup.

Tell yourself positive stuff, you just might surprise yourself.

Later then,


Ends the Summer


Probably nothing under the sun is as sure as time. Sometimes we notice the passage of time depending on what we are going through. Sometimes though, time seems to drag by.

It is with a smile that I mark the end of summer. But what does this summer mean to me?

This is my first ever summer. We only have two seasons back home in KE, nothing much just rain and sun. I must say I was anxiously waiting for it seeing that many guys here were telling me there is nothing like an Antalya Summer. So when the sun finally came out it was nothing like I’d felt before. I remember going out to the shop with two friends at around midday. By the time we got to the shop we had sworn to stick indoors till sundown. Good thing we had aircon in the rooms.

Besides the heat, I learnt an important lesson; everything just looks hard at the beginning but with time you get used to it. If you recall I said here before I didn’t see how I was going to survive the summer here. I wasn’t working like most of the students which means money was also an issue. But I don’t regret one bit not taking up a job.I got to do a lot of work with the network on development, wrote a few pieces and well, did what I love best-spend time on the computer. Plus I somehow knew it would be the last summer I’d spend lazing about in the near future.

So now the sun is no longer that hot, we had rain yesterday actually. I am glad because this marks the end of an year of many struggles and the start of an year of many expectations. I have started a new count of the days and I mark them off at the end of the day. What this should tell you is that I am living one day at a time until June next year which will hopefully mark the start of a new year of living the dream and many opportunities. I eagerly await that year.

Won’t you join me as we start the new year and live it in all fullness because you see finally;

‘Ends the Summer’

Country Roads


This post is influenced by a post I made yesterday on my Facebook saying that I miss home.

Well, I’d been talking to my baby sister and she was telling me all these stuff about home and halfway through that discussion I was ready to fly back home. It is funny though, when I left I was looking to start over. You know move to a town where nobody knows me, no I didn’t do anything back home that had me skip town, I just wanted a clean start. A new town, new environment, new faces, new culture, new people, new room…a place where I could be anybody I wanted. So as I left home, I did not for one minute think I’d miss my old town, old faces, old buildings, old …

A few months down the line in my new town I started missing home. Of course there are many things that made me miss home, top in the list is food. Well, I am a foodie but even for a foodie university dining hall’s food is something else. While I was super excited to try out new foods, cuisine and everything I was confronted by food in a layer of orange oil, overcooked veges and chicken. This made me miss even the foods I wouldn’t touch while at home.

While food played a major role, what made me miss home most is ‘country roads’. When I went online and somehow I came across pictures of roads, those dusty roads that wind up in the countryside. Some cascade down valleys, some run across plains, some cut across thick vegetation. Along this roads you find all sorts of people, but some like country roads are bound to be are empty save for one or two lonesome souls. These roads hold me, gird my heart and transport me from the clean roads of Antalya back to KE. They will remind me of places I have been, people we have traveled with but most of all they will take me home.

Of course lot’s of things remind me of home but none with such intensity as country roads. As I write my post on Facebook continues to attract likes and comments. I still can’t understand why. But I think most of us are missing home, home here being that place that makes your heart sing and your spirit soar.

I miss home!